Week 4, Monday May 6 Finalizing the project.
OFFICIAL CONCEPT: Leave the Academy Our starting point were points where we experience difficulties ourselves, namely the lack of contact with nature and the high workload that is expected of us these days. Together we started brainstorming how we could entertain this problem and we started investigating through surveys. In the end, we opted for different routes along nature in the vicinity of the academy that fit in with different moods. These routes are not shown exactly how to walk, but you can walk to different points yourself to do the exercises that are visible in the app. These exercises help to improve your state of mind and your connection to the nature. When you are on the spot, with the Augmented Reality function you can scan nature and see the information of nature appear on your screen, so you can do your exercises and get to know nature better! With a new concept we need to make a new corporate identity for the app. So I made a logo and I decide for the colours.
My task was to make the augmented reality. It is quite hard to make and it takes a lot of time. By scanning one of the symbols I make you get the information of that place where you are at that moment. Left of this text you can see the first draft. The other video is how it works now. We did also a etiquette about how people feel and what they do in nature you can see the results in the slideshow.