Prepare a visual (give evidence) and textual reflection (give insight) of your project 400 words maximum. Either in the presentation or in this reflection, describe clearly the idea, the people and the places involved, the goal, the distribution of tasks, the research done, what would be the next steps to develop it further, the connection with a station (if applicable) and your conclusions. Mention the link between your practice project and the theory, and what you bring to your major from this practice.
Concept of project Leave the academy: People in the Academy feels a lot of stress nowadays. The most common feelings they get is inspiration-less, tired, stress and overstimulated. The reason for this is that students are sitting in a green-less environment and are not are coming often outside. Research shows that coming more outside helps against this problems. We create an app with a green map (only nature) of the surrounding of the academy. You select in the the app your feeling of that moment and the app shows you a route along nature what helps you to as example to unstressed. When you are leaded past a tree. You can scan the tree and you will get information about the tree and an exercise to calm your down. The places we involved are the surroundings of the academy. Ofcourse we wanted a bigger map, but for the time we had we could now closely look more detailed to what is staying in this surrounding. Our next step is to broad this app, to make it not only for people on the academy but for everyone in the city Rotterdam. The goal is the use of the app will take the step for people to coming more outside. For our project we connect with the interaction station by making an app and using augmented reality. It is quite hard te make and it takes a lot of time. For the short amount of time we were happy that we could make this. We did a lot of research together, I did mostly read articles about the effects of nature LINK & LINK but also parts of 2 books about individuality and taking more rest. LINK & LINK. Also because of the week I wasn’t on the academy, I did field research about how people react on different greenness in the city’s were I was, I wrote an essay about my findings and you can read it HERE. We have created the concept entirely together, but I focussed myself (as task) more on making the augmented reality and the visual identity and doing research and share my findings with my project mates. The link between our project en theory is that we used the tools like the iceberg and the maps to dive deeper and find easily more connections between the problems we mentioned and comes faster to a solution. My conclusion is that I liked the practice, I really like to work with subjects as nature, more psychical subjects, people and what happen in there brains. That is also something were I want to work further with in my major, making more social related work, I think that this is also possible to do because graphic design is also quite broad. The other thing is that this practice was very broad and I would liked this practice more when er was a more specific subject where we could work about. If you want to see process please go to the menu and click on the weeks.