Week 2, Monday April 15 Meeting with group.
At our first meeting in the we talked about our ideas. We wanted to have a target group for our plan so we could make easier a more strict idea. We came with the academy. For us was this picture quit important for this project. We have to connect us with the whole system and the system with us. We are not the only one and the most important one as the pyramid. We need to create the circle one. idea 1: A video to aware about the stress on the academy. and after you have seen the video you can go in a relax room without any impulses. idea 2: Bring nature and everyday work together. Leave the academy. We where not sure about the ideas, so we started to make a iceberg model and mapping. So we can see all the problems more easily and the connections between them. You can see the iceberg models and mappings HERE We also wrote down what we self found important and wanted to change. You can see it left in my notes.
Week 2, Tuesday April 16 Meeting with group. CONCEPT 1
After a night brainstorming on ourself we came with the idea to make a promotion campaign for the Academy. There are a lot of students that complain with headaches, stress and The campaign includes an aware video about the stress and notifications you get as student on the academy. As solution we give the student leaf the academy by making the academy greener you get less effects of stress. I made a logo and the name leaf the academy. And I Photoshoped some pictures how the academy will looks like when it is greener. I also made a short presentation you can see it in the slideshow below.