Week 1, Monday April 8 Kickoff Michelle Teran, place based learning + situated relations.
In small groups we read together as whole group the text Space place gender of Massey Doreen. Left you can see the notes I made. One of the most important thing for us as group was locality. For the next assignment made your response as group to the text we read. We made in 10 minutes a quick map, you can see pictures underneath this text. The different tools on the map stands for the different persons that brings different locality in the world. In the air hangs a airplane what stands for the question what is local in the air?
Week 1, Tuesday April 9 First lesson of Rosa Pons Cerda. Time for knowing each other. Conversations on the individual exercises. Exercises we did at home. Exercise 1 I Go to a garden, the park, the forest, the beach ... to feel the nature. Walk barefoot, lay down, swim... Touch the earth, trees, water, plants and experiment your perceptions in different ways: textures, sounds, feelings... How do I feel? Can I interact with nature? Am I here? Do I enjoy? Take pictures, sound, make notes or drawings of this experience. I love to be on a silence beach, this weekend it was pretty busy because of the nice weather, but a week ago it was a bit colder and windy and there was almost nobody on the beach. I love to listen to the sea and tej wind and seeing the sand moving and make patterns because of the wind. This weekend the patterns were broken because of the many people on the beach. I feel calm and I don’t have stress. Always when I am on the beach I say to myself that I have to come more often here. But I always forget it and don’t do it, I come to little on the beach and I live next to it.
Exercise 2 Take a quality break in a cozy place. Reflect and make notes. Situate yourself mentally in your land/place of origin. Recall a thought, a feeling or experience about the nature, resources, free spaces or people behavior. Dive in it, bring it to the present. Try to figure out: have you or your community experienced a disruption with the environment? Any kind of exploitation? Can you Identify ways of thinking and behaving that have injured people and places? Is there something that needs your attention? In my town lays next to the city the Hague, because it is quite popular to life in The Hague but is is also a bit expensive, people are go to live in my town. The sad thing is because of this they build my town full with houses. An other effect is that there is no free spot of nature left over anymore. There is no spot where you can go with your dog to trow a ball or something. You have to drive for 10 minutes to be on a beach that is the only nature in my environment. Exercise 3 Challenge yourself to have more physical contact with the people around you. More than usual. A short touch of the arm or the hand of the other is already a lot. Be conscious: how does it feel? can I keep this? could I change my habits? Think of it and make notes. For my this is a big challenge, because I am a person who don’t like it when someone touches me. I feel really uncomfortable when somebody is touching me. It was also a difficult to think about. You forgot it easily to do. Every day I give my mom & dad in the morning & evening a kiss. Now I tried to hug them more but that contact is for me too long. Difficult to change my habits. Also with my boyfriend, I touch my boyfriend more then my parents or other family / friends. But to touch him more is difficult. I feel tensed & uncomfortable. The reason I don’t really know. Maybe because I’m high sensitive.
The lesson itself: We started our first less with a nice meditation. After the meditation we showed our own mantra en used our mantra to learn all the names of the people in our group. After this we talked about the exercises we did and about problems we see in our environment, we draw our problems and talked about this. In small groups we read a small part of the text decolonization as care from Rizvi Uzma of the book Slow reader a recourse for design thinking and practice. I take notes next to the text you can see it below. The most important things for me of this text was: "The moment one recognizes the fluidity of culture, that all of us are practioners, then one has the ability to make that change". For me that means: A change start with yourself. And that is something really important in life.
Week 1, Wednesday April 10 Spark AR workshop at Interaction Station with Mike. We had a workshop in spark AR how to make a facemask that can change by moving, you can see the what I made in the video below. We can use this program maybe for our group idea.
Week 1, Thursday April 10 Understanding the interconnectedness of cultural and ecological life/ systems. Making teams.
I choose pictures at home what for me gives something like a trigger, something what gets my mind. I choose this pictures because it is something what I miss or something what makes me sad. With my own group we look trough al our pictures and we came till the conclusion that we miss nature in the city's. That is something we want to do something with. We make sticky notes with each question or remark we have.